Sales and Marketing are More Productive with Automation

Automation is helping generate marketing assets ranging from social media posts and sales tools. Robots can be programmed to search for content on a Website and create posts on social media sites such as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. It can scrape and copy content, log into a social media account, and create a post. It can also copy and paste data to generate sales flyers, use web scraping to generate marketing lists, segment Excel marketing lists by industry and prospect personas and log into survey systems to create surveys and deliver the results directly into the email box of the marketing manger.

The opportunities for RPA in sales and marketing are endless. The RPA robots can mimic the tasks a marketing professional performs on their computer, and can do it in a fraction of the time and at 100% accuracy.

Many Sales and Marketing processes are common across organizations and there are hundreds of pre-built, downloadable, open source automations available to execute repetitive tasks more efficiently.

Here are some examples. Contact us and we will find the right robot for to execute your sales and marketing tasks.

Hear from RoboWorx President, Tom Shankle, as he answers the question “Is RPA an Actual Robot?”

Tom Shankle is broadcasting from his very own living room to bring you some wisdom about RPA (Robotic Processing Automation) passionately. With many years of experience working with technology in businesses, and a robust wealth of knowledge, there are very few questions he can’t answer about robots. Tom’s going to give us a quick answer to a common question about RPA: is it an actual robot? It’s important to know when you’re considering your own office robot. The answer will only make you more curious!

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