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RoboWorx Studio

A powerful recorder that will watch you perform your tasks and will literally mimic and build a robot that will perform those tasks automatically.

You can design your automations visually, using drag & drop widgets and best practice template to model your robotic processes.

There are over 300 pre-built activities that were designed to execute commonly-used processes that interact with Citrix, Excel, Microsoft, Oracle, just to name a few.

RoboWorx Orchestrator

This is where the robots are deployed and managed, providing centralized logging, scheduling, reporting, auditing and more.

Our browser-based server application centralizes in one secure place your entire enterprise operation.

Orchestrator features include:

RoboWorx Robots

The robots take over and execute all your processes automatically with perfect accuracy, on-premise or as a hosted solution.

“Within eight weeks, the pilot had delivered a robot that could complete the process in just 13 minutes. With RPA, the process was 100% accurate, 88% faster, and freed over 520 hours of effort each year.”

ReadyBot is an “App Store” that’s
Integrated with our RPA Platform

Hundreds of easily downloadable, secure, and open source automations to
help you execute your repetitive tasks more efficiently

Harness real-time insight with powerful analytics

We integrated the power of ElasticSearch monitoring technology and highly customizable, out of the box solutions for data visualization from Kibana and Tableau to offer the full extent of interactive analytics in real time.

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