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Deploy and scale your attended and unattended robots

You and your Co-Workers can get Strategic while our Robots Perform your Important Repetitive Tasks

RoboWorx Robots

The robots take over and execute all your processes automatically with perfect accuracy, on-premise or as a hosted solution.

Robots execute the automation workflow that was designed in RoboWorx  Studio

    • Centralized configuration with operation-wide scalability
    • Automations are executed with perfect accuracy from a desktop, data center or the Cloud
    • Integration with third-party applications is performed easily, and dynamically updated using our rich API
    • Robots automate receiving, reading, and sending emails and email attachments from Outlook, Exchange and Gmail
    • Automates data extraction with 100% accuracy from desktop and web application screens
    • With Data Automation, it leverages full .NET capabilities to create, filter, merge, structure and analyze data
    • Automates IT management and configuration tasks by integrating PowerShell commands into workflows

Compatible with Leading Technology Providers…

    • SAP Automation
      SAP Business API (BAPI) support simplifies automation of complex SAP processes with high security and reliability. It does not require coding and it’s compatible with all versions of SAP
    • Citrix Automation
      Industry leading Citrix automation powered by innovative image recognition and computer vision technology
    • Microsoft Office Automation
      Automate actions in Excel such as data reading, writing, migrating, editing, copying, finding, filtering, applying formulas on data
    • Google Suite Automation
      Native G Suite support with 16 essential activities for G-drive, Mail and Sheets. They include file access, sending and receiving emails, and reading/writing to and from files and specific cells

Attended or unattended automation?
You don’t have to choose.

Attended Bots

Attended Robots collaborate with you on business activities where human intervention is required, speeding up repetitive front-office tasks. They reside on your workstation and are perfect collaborators in service desk, help desk and call center activities. They work discreetly in the background while you continue with uninterrupted work, ensuring high productivity, and low handling times.

Unattended Bots

Unattended Robots operate without human touch, maximizing cost and performance benefits for any variety of back-office activities. These Robots can be provisioned from Orchestrator to run either in physical or virtual environments. Schedule them to self-start, stop and run only on your organization’s official working days. Access Robots remotely from Orchestrator and license, schedule, manage, monitor and audit their activity centrally. They will work tirelessly and efficiently at any scale.

Automate anything…

Robots include many native skills. They can read, categorize and process content from any application, document or database, in almost any form including structured, semi-structured and unstructured. With cognitive enhancements including intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR) from applications from Google, Microsoft and ABBYY.

Watch our video and see yourself how our Robots extract Data using OCR and automate common processes.

Let the Bot Do It!

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