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White Paper

Using Automation in Web Scraping for Competitive Advantage

Download our latest White Paper and learn how RPA Web scraping drives competitive strategies by accessing:

  • Competitive Key Words
  • Online Pricing and Product Promotions
  • Social Media Activity & Reviews

Learn how you can implement automated Web Scraping into your company’s decision-making processes and get you the competitive advantage you need.


Streamline Insurance Claims and Processes with RPA

Get our latest Article and learn how an Insurance Company:

  • Uses a robot to generate highly-competitive policy premiums
  • Sped up implementation 10 times faster than its competition
  • Added six figures to its profitability

White Paper

Is RPA Right For Your Business?

Get our latest White Paper and:

  • learn more about robotic process automation (RPA)
  • review the six areas where RPA brings the most value
  • take an RPA diagnostic tool to evaluate your company’s RPA potential


The RPA Cycle in Four Stages

Get our latest Article and learn the four stages:

  • Process Building
  • Rule Configurations
  • Learning and Experience
  • Predictive Reasoning

White Paper

Robotic Automation in the Healthcare Sector

Download our latest White Paper and:

  • see how digitalization is improving patient care
  • learn how robotic processing automation can improve HCAHPS scores
  • review the key areas where automation is critical to the future of healthcare


The Future of RPA Calls for AI

Read our latest Article and:

  • learn how combining RPA with Machine Learning will change the pace of modern business
  • read about how a growing company has been able to scale by using automation
  • see how companies deploying digital workers are gaining a competitive edge

White Paper

How RoboWorx is Powering Digital Transformation in Federal & Local Government

Download our latest White Paper and:

  • read RPA Use Cases from the IRS, the Department of Transportation, the postal service and US Department of Veterans
  • learn how RPA helps federal and local governments automate HR and financial processes
  • see how government is modernizing its procurement strategies with RPA

Learn how federal and local government agencies are already using Robotic Processing Automation in procurement, contractor responsibility determination, and procurement data management.


The Role of RPA in your Automation Journey

Download the presentation:

  • Who is RoboWorx?
  • The Automation Journey
  • What Is Robotic Process Automation?
  • What Can Be Automated?
  • Attended vs. Unattended Robots
  • RPA in Insurance
  • Selecting the Right Tasks
  • Getting Started