Welcome to the RoboWorx Orchestrator

Control, monitor, and analyze the performance  of your virtual workforce

RoboWorx Orchestrator

This is where the robots are deployed and managed, providing centralized logging, scheduling, reporting, auditing and more.

Our browser-based server application centralizes in one secure place your entire enterprise operation.

Orchestrator features include:

No matter where you are, you can keep an eye on
your Robots with the RoboWorx Orchestrator Mobile App

RoboWorx RPA (Robotic Processing Automation) is no longer limited to your workspace; with mobile RPA technology, you can now access it on the go! From your phone, you can access our app to monitor your automations. You’ll get status updates and alerts, being able to tell at a glance: what jobs they’re executing, the recent job history, and their current health. Also, you can get detailed information on the robot types and the machines they run on. This is one of the benefits of RPA out of dozens. Why not include intelligent automation in your workflow, starting today?

Securely check on your robots anytime, from anywhere. Get alerted in real time about their performance and health, and track their progress visually. See at a glance what your robots’ current jobs are and which machines they are using, follow their schedule in detail and keep license usage in check.

Supported by Industry Leading Security Systems

Our platform includes integrated third-party code which meets stringent security standards and are certified by Veracode.

All credentials are stored in CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault, trusted by the majority of Fortune 100 companies.

To maintain the highest data security, job data is AES 256 bit encrypted when in a queue and decrypted when processed.

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