Enterprise applications within most insurance companies are 10 to 30 years old and were never intended to provide the functionality and capabilities required to meet the expectations of today’s customers. If anything, the systems have become more complex and rigid as they have changed to meet new business and compliance requirements.

RoboWorx finds that most customers perceive the investment and risk associated with updating and upgrading these legacy systems to be prohibitive. Instead, what they are looking for is a technology that provides a bridge to the features and capabilities they need to stay competitive.

Our RPA solution technology gives them a non-invasive way to integrate their core systems and ancillary software applications in a way the supports existing EAI and BPM architecture.

Common Processes Being Automated in the Insurance Industry

Customer Success Story

“Going from a PoC to where we are today, the conversation has radically evolved. As we talk about how we grow this company, we do it very efficiently. We’ve gone from not anyone knowing about RPA to it being one of the most talked about things in our planning meetings.”

Greg Tacchetti
Head of IT Facilities for Customer Service Areas
State Auto

The RPA team within State Auto worked with each business unit and looked for the best process candidates: cumbersome, high-frequency,
needing 100% quality, 100% accuracy, or processes that were large in scope. A Center of Excellence was set up, with employees playing multiple roles. Millions of transactions were validated in three days.

Automation at work

RPA accelerates digital transformation in the Public Sector

Life Insurance Application Process with Robotic Processing Automation

Watch how insurers can digitalize the insurance application processing even when those processes include offline submissions and legacy back-end platforms, using optical character recognition (OCR)

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