Information Technology professionals are realizing how incredibly helpful Robotic Processing Automation really is. Not only does it automate the IT professional’s own tasks but it also enables them to centrally manage automated robots throughout their organization. RoboWorx’s solution works with all major desktop, web, ERP suites and Citrix applications. And its powerful API system, means it is easily integrated with ERP and BMP systems.

It can be deployed in the cloud or on premise, allowing multiple users in various business units or geographies to work privately and autonomously from one secure server.

It instantly scales to adjust to work fluctuations and uses intelligent scheduling to prioritize robot effort efficiently. With role-based access, data protection in the cloud, a complete audit trail of activities, the RoboWorx RPA solution generates fully configurable analytics, as well as robust governance and compliance.

Companies leveraging an automation first mindset will dominate their competitors because they are faster, more efficient and more adaptable.


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Learn how software robots add to the value of an already skilled workforce by redirecting human psychological capital into tasks where it can be more valuable. Through the use of these tools, companies earn higher ROI by doing more with what they already have.

Common Processes Being Automated in the IT Industry

Watch how we use a robot to update Salesforce.

The workflow starts with the robot opening all the applications that it is going to use. It will then access an excel file and extract the names and email addresses of various people. Then it will navigate to Salesforce and run a search by the user’s email address to check whether that person already has a Salesforce account or needs to be created. The robot moves to the next step and continues for each user. When it’s finished, the bot will add all the data to a Microsoft Word template, convert it to a PDF, email a report to the designated person, and mark the user record in Excel as “completed.”

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