Healthcare Automation

As patient numbers grow, healthcare providers are challenged with managing levels of inventory, supporting digitization of patient files, optimizing appointment scheduling, and executing billing and claims processing.

To help overcome these operational pain points, more and more healthcare providers are embracing RPA to alleviate these challenges and drive enhanced efficiency and growth. Healthcare is predicted to have a 36% automation potential. This means more than a third of healthcare tasks—especially managerial, back-office functions—could be automated, allowing healthcare providers to offer more direct, value-based patient care at lower costs and increased efficiency.

Common Processes for Healthcare Automation

White Paper

Healthcare Automation: Solutions for the Industry

Healthcare organizations seeking to improve patient outcomes and overall efficiency benefit from RPA solutions in many ways. Directly, RPA solutions have short ROI times–typically in less than 12 months–with low upfront costs, quick implementation times, and minimal workflow disruptions both during and after installation.

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Aside from quantifiable benefits, the digitalization and automation of patient care come with it the potential for clinical advancement. As scientists use automation’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to aggregate past data and predict future outcomes, automation will eventually reach a point where predictive analytics become as important in the examining room as it is in office administration. While automation will never replace the need for skilled expertise and intuition, its data capabilities will provide insight into data not readily visible to the human eye in the very near future–and possibly be a key player in preventative and early diagnosis treatment.

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