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RPA solves many of the challenges that governmental institutions are experiencing. Governments tend to process very large volumes of data, and not being the quickest adopters of new technologies, are processing that data with outdated technology systems. Combine that with labor shortages and the fact that government agencies have to create new policies and procedures every time there are new regulatory requirements and policy changes, and robotic processing automation looks very appealing.

Federal and local government agencies are ready for automation and funding is being made available. They recognize the need for cyber security. They see the long-term value in cloud-based hosting and as the workforce is changing and younger workers embrace technology, they are embarking on an overall digital transformation.

A significant aspect of this digital transformation is Robotic Processing Automation (RPA), which can solve many of these challenges.  Virtual “robots” are being deployed across the country to work across legacy and modern technology systems to execute repetitive processes. The robots  create happier human workers by taking arduous, mundane tasks off their desk , which allows them to focus on higher-value work.

Simply automating tasks that computers already routinely do could free up nearly 97 million federal government working hours every year. That could save $3.3 billion — and those are conservative estimates.

Francis Rose
Government Matters

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How RoboWorx is Powering Digital Transformation in Federal & Local Governments

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Learn how federal and local government agencies are already using Robotic Processing Automation in procurement, contractor responsibility determination, and procurement data management.

“Nobody pridefully goes home and says, ‘I wish I was doing this tedious work.’ As Treasury says, they used to do up a purchase reconciliation every morning and it would take two hours, and they now can do that in 11 or 12 seconds…We freed people up now to do people work and give the robotic work back to the bots.”

-Chief Technology Officer

Francis Rose
Government Matters

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