Some of the challenges federal and local governments are facing today include tight budgets, a lack of resources and an aging technology infrastructure.

In an effort to address these challenges as well as to remain competitive on the international stage, a federal mandate has been put in place that requires government entities to start using automation.

As a result, federal and local governments have begun their automation journeys and are starting to deploy Robotic Processing Automation (RPA), Cognitive Computing, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) products.

Are your government clients asking you about automation?

According to Grand View Research, RPA software grew 63% in 2018 to $846 million, and is expected to exceed $5.7 billion in 2025, making it the fastest growing segment of the global enterprise software market. According to IDC, government will be the fastest growing sector at a 44.3% CAGR.

Government agencies are moving from legacy, static infrastructures to dynamic digitally driven IT platforms and integrating RPA, machine learning, cognitive computing and artificial intelligence systems into their technology framework.

As many of these are still emerging technologies, government agencies are seeking solution providers to help them with this transformation.

With new government mandates driving the growth of artificial technology in government, it is imperative that government contractors incorporate automation tools into their product portfolios.

Why is RPA deemed as the entry-level strategy into digital automation?

According to Forbes contributor, Tom Davenport, RPA is “A Gateway Drug to AI and Digital Transformation…a precursor to artificial intelligence.” RPA automates time-consuming business processes. It uses “software robots” to digitally execute tasks typically performed by humans  such as entering data, processing invoices, issuing purchasing orders and more.

One reason for the rapid adoption of RPA is the ease of implementation. RPA Robots work seamlessly between existing IT platforms. It can be deployed very quickly with limited dependency on IT resources at a much lower initial investment than the more sophisticated artificial intelligence products.

The second reason RPA is deemed as the entry-level strategy into digital automation is the success of early pilots and proofs of concept. Early adopters are benefiting from a rapid ROI, increased productivity, higher quality, speed to market, documented audit trails and lower operating costs.

White Paper

How RoboWorx is Powering Digital Transformation in Federal & Local Government

Download our latest White Paper and:

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Learn how federal and local government agencies are already using Robotic Processing Automation in procurement, contractor responsibility determination, and procurement data management.

What can you expect as a RoboWorx Partner?

Sales & Marketing Tools

Sales & Marketing Tools

We will provide and customize email marketing campaigns, prospecting material, whitepapers and other sales collateral, while our Commission and Activity reports will provide you with the confidence and data you need to be successful.

Pre and Post-Sales Support

Pre and Post-Sales Support

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Extensive Training

Extensive Training

We pride ourselves on knowing that our agents our fully prepared to sell. That’s why we provide extensive self-paced and instructor led training with in-depth knowledge of the RPA industry, specific vertical and horizontal processes, and our suite of solutions.

Flexible Partner Terms

Flexible Partner Terms

We want our partners and sales agents to flourish and not be tangled in a constricting contract. Your deals will always be registered and protected and our contract has extremely flexible terms and conditions. Our goal is to let you do what you do best – sell!

Exceptional Commission Structure

Exceptional Commission Structure

You deserve to benefit from the work you do for us and we want to do everything possible to grow and nurture a long-term relationship, which is why we offer evergreen commissions paid on any sales introduced to RoboWorx from your clients.

Generous Spiffs and Recognition

Generous Spiffs and Recognition

Our agents receive cash spiffs for each validated appointment. We also have a variety of programs to reward those who consistently perform at the highest level.  Finally, at our annual, grand event–RoboWorx President’s Club–we celebrate your achievements!

According to Grand View Research, RPA software grew 63% in 2018 to $846 million, and is expected to exceed $5.7 billion in 2025, making it the fastest growing segment of the global enterprise software market.

Our partners enjoy support and insights from our team of RPA-certified professionals. We bring our expertise and passion for automation, along with the necessary marketing and pre-sales tools together to help you strategize and design a highly functioning RPA infrastructure.

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